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Manpower Services

Providing manpower services that work for your people

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AEI’s Manpower and Sponsorship Services already deliver the highest quality back-office and people services for some of the largest companies in Saudi.

AEI helps you to make sure people are best-prepared to set up a business smoothly and then sustain your momentum for the long-term.


Understanding Saudi well enough to win business is key, but achieving high-quality delivery over the long term depends on having a happy, healthy, fulfilled and contented workforce. Quality of life in the Kingdom directly impacts people’s potential (as well as the time they’re willing to work here).


The same applies to dependants, partners and children. That’s why we offer a menu of services and solutions for every employee need in Saudi Arabia.


Our Manpower and Sponsorship Services include everything from regular support (transport, comms, general procurement and accommodation), to back office business (payroll, WPS and all other aspects of compliance and labour).


We’ve already supported many household names and huge enterprises to settle in for the long term in Saudi. Many of those are FTSE, Dow Jones, S&P or NASDAQ listed. In fact, our reputation for being people-focused is the reason some of the Kingdom’s largest employers also choose us to deliver outsourced employee needs – our track record speaks volumes. We’d love to tell you more.

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  • Rapid sourcing, deployment and ongoing practical and pastoral care for employees and their dependants over many years.

  • Mobilisation and deployment of a workforce at lower rates than global corporations can achieve themselves

A focus on quality of life that reduces staff churn and measurably increases the chances of success for projects in Saudi.

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Start your journey to Saudi Arabia with AEI

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