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Network Rail

Reducing in-country costs by 10%

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In 2016 Network Rail approached AEI to evaluate existing support services. The aim was to reduce in-country costs, but with no reduction in quality. To date, we’ve delivered an overall c. 10% per year cost saving – and continue to do so.

We’re open to scrutiny, and to engaging in long-term partnerships that want to achieve better outcomes for people and projects in the Kingdom.


After a yearlong evaluation, Network Rail concluded that AEI offered better value for money for its sizeable in-Kingdom support requirements. This reduced NRC’s supply chain management burden significantly. In turn, it started deriving greater efficiencies across the board, as the team can deal with a single competent, dependable local support partner.


Today, we provide a range of support to Network Rail that includes a managed transportation solution, accommodation for the entire team in the Kingdom, commercial back office services, visa and immigration assistance, phones and specialist procurement support. We’re also called on for specialist or emergency services, such as staff medical insurances queries and visa status issues – which is all in a day’s work for us.


The initial contract was for three years, but Network Rail remains a client of AEI to this day and has just signed a further, multi-million SAR extension. By going the extra mile, we can deliver when it matters most. We’re also willing to  go beyond our normal scope of supply.


We believe our commitment to excellence and scope – along with the quality, reliability and value of our services – explains much of our ongoing partnership.

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  • An overall c. 10% per year cost saving vs NRC’s previous years in Kingdom costs, without AEI support.

  • AEI are a single supplier with an end-to-end solution, rather than the multiple support providers that NRC had to deal with previously.

  • Tailored legal and commercial guidance for Saudi special project vehicles that are unique to Network Rail’s local establishment.

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