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AEI Saudi - Official Partner of GREAT FUTURES 2024

Reflection of Riyadh

We're delighted to reveal AEI Saudi is an Official Supporter of GREAT FUTURES 2024 - enabling hundreds of UK business leaders to capitalise on this flagship event in Riyadh, 14-15 May.

At GREAT FUTURES 2024, ambitious UK businesses are invited to experience Saudi first-hand, to make powerful first connections, and enable greater collaboration between our two kingdoms.

All GREAT events have one simple, brilliant objective: bring talented innovators and strong corporate leaders together, sowing the seeds for creativity and enabling businesses to make rapid connections with potential commercial partners. This is a flagship event for the UK Department for Business & Trade, and Riyadh is the next destination - marking the launch of a 12-month campaign to highlight UK expertise and capability in sectors that support Vision 2030.

Delegates at GREAT FUTURES 2024 will see for themselves, the magnitude of commercial and creative opportunities for UK businesses in Saudi Arabia. At this multi-sector event, organisations like the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce will demonstrate the incredible transformation to date in Saudi Arabia, and the full potential of Vision 2030.

We look forward to welcoming delegates in Riyadh. Our team will be on the ground providing support throughout, during this breath-taking introduction to one of the world's fastest-growing markets.

Watch our webinar to find out what to expect culturally on arrival and how to prepare to be commercially successful in Saudi Arabia.

To find out more or to reach out visit:


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