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Saudi News Update: Week 21

A businessman is staying up to date by reading the news on a tablet

This week, the National Labour Observatory (NLO) published that private sector employment will surpass 11.4 million in May 2024. In May, over 30,000 Saudis joined the private sector for the first time.

In other news, the number of pilgrims who have arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj has reached approximately 1.2 million.


Economy, Budgets and Finance

Reuters:  Saudi Arabia set to raise $11.2 bln selling Aramco shares at lower end of expectations. Read here

Saudi Gazette: Saudi private sector employment surpasses 11,370,000 in May 2024. Read here

Saudi Gazette: Saudi Arabia non-oil activities grow by 3.4% in Q1 2024. Read here

Al Arabiya: Over one million pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia for Hajj: Minister. Read here

Government and Royal Family

Saudi Gazette:  Saudi Foreign Minister arrives in Russia to participate in BRICS meeting. Read here

Arab News:  Riyadh governor receives Norwegian ambassador. Read here

Saudi Gazette: 683 guests of King Salman from 66 countries arrive in Makkah to perform HajjRead here

Defence and Security

Arab News: Saudi Arabia a good bet to meet its defense production goals. Read here

Reuters : US, Saudi Arabia close to finalizing draft security treaty, WSJ reports. Read here


Saudi Gazette: Saudi Arabia’s move to allow non-Saudis to set up law firms. Read here

Saudi Gazette: Saudi Central Bank reports growth in financing and real estate refinancing companies. Read here

Arab News: Fintech Fortis targets Saudi Arabia’s SME sector. Read here


The Guardian: Kevin De Bruyne may consider leaving Manchester City for Saudi Arabian club.  Read here

Saudi Gazette: Green Riyadh to start construction of 3 major parks in RiyadhRead here

Al Arabiya: Saudi Arabia announces Eid al-Adha 2024 datesRead here


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