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Business Assurance Manager

Job title:
Business Assurance Manager 
Reports to (title):
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

April 2024

  • The purpose of the Business Assurance Manager (BAM) is to ensure business unit leaders and other internal stakeholders meet the reporting requirements of the company's established processes, management systems and governance framework.


    The manager will have visibility of the company's day-to-day performance, coordinating the interplay between business units, and liaising with departments to ensure established systems and processes are maintained and utilised. The manager will convene and minute the regular drumbeat of operation meetings and ensure deliverables are met at the required standard, format and level of accuracy.


    The success of the manager will be measured by the quality of the reporting made by business unit leaders to the Executive Committee.

  • Internal Meetings: 

    • To support the CEO with the planning, scheduling and delivery of the company's internal meetings, including The Core Team Scrum, Quarterly Team Brief, Monthly Operations Management Meeting, and Executive Committee Meeting;

    • Where appropriate, chair and run meetings;

    • To ensure that the business units and other departments prepare appropriately for the scheduled and planned meetings;

    • Disseminating minutes of meetings and agreed action points, and

    • Following up on agreed action points and tasks.


    Internal Management Reporting:

    • To ensure that the business units and departments use the pre-approved management dashboards to record and present operational performance.

    • To ensure that the business units and other departments liaise together to fulfil the company's month-end reporting requirements, including recharge sheets, profit and loss review, contracted cashflow forecast, petty cash returns and last payment date.

    • To review the outputs from the internal management reporting meetings and ensure the consistency and reliability of information reported to the Executive Committee.


    Financial Operations:

    • To ensure compliance against the seven key finance processes, including raising sales orders and credit notes, recharge process, new client registration, petty cash, expense and payment process;

    • To escalate any occurrence of non-conformity to processes to the CEO.

    • Ensure that aged debt is managed effectively and business unit leaders follow the prescribed processes.

    • To highlight areas of concern and bad debt to the CEO and Executive Committee.


    Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement

    • To ensure that the company's Quality Management System remains embedded and that the Quality Team undertakes regularly planned inspections and audits.

    • To ensure that the business units have embedded the self-assessment report and regularly review and assess business delivery against the stated standard.

    • Regularly review that the business unit and department are addressing identified areas for improvement and non-conformance. 

    • Reviewing and sense-checking the quality improvement plan of each business unit and department. 

    • Supporting the quality team in preparing for and successfully undertaking the ISO9001 reaudit.

  • Experience:

    • At least 2 years in a similar role

    • Experience of quality assurance or financial reporting (preferable)

    • Experience of management



    • Strong communication skills to ensure senior stakeholders deliver reports and required metrics.

    • Strong analytical skills to look for errors/oversights/omissions in reporting.

    • Excellent MS Outlook, Word and Excel skills

    • The ability to summarise complex information

    • Good relationship-building and interpersonal skills

    • Ability to work in a process-driven environment

    • Ability to work as part of a team

    • Problem-solving skills

    Personal characteristics:

    • Trustworthy

    • Motivated

    • Organised

  • Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Entity Establishment, Head of Strategic Accounts, Head of Consulting, Head of HR and Government Services, Head of People Services, Head of Support Services, Key Account Managers, Senior Government Relations Officer, Government Relationship Officers, HR Coordinator, HR Administrator, Chief Finance Officer, Finance Coordinator, Finance Assistants, Sponsorship Manager.

  • To apply for this position, please email your CV to by 09/05/2024

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