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EPS Key Account Manager (KAM)

Job title:

EPS Key Account Manager (KAM)


People Services  


Reports to (title):
Head of People Services 



October 2022

  • The EPS KAM (Employment and Payroll Services) is a client-facing position with responsibility for ensuring that service levels agreements and KPIs with Key AEI Saudi clients are met.

    The individual will be required to liaise directly with external clients and internal departments, including Finance & HR. The individual will be expected to support the EPS Manager with creating agreements and payment milestone plans, as well as leading the onboarding, care and offboarding of employees.

    The EPS KAM is also responsible for several administrative tasks, including managing routine email and phone enquiries, visa and medical insurance renewals, exit re-entry visas, payroll, expense reimbursements, induction meetings and invoicing.

  • Employee care:

    • Responsible for the mobilisation, onboarding and induction of new employees 

    • Acting as a Single Point of Contact for employees during their employement and assisting with requests including:

      • Receiving and coordinating exit re-entry requests

      • Approving and coordinating expenses requests

      • Coordinating and overseeing Iqama application and renewal requests

      • Coordinating and overseeing medical insurance application and renewal requests

      • Receiving and coordinating procurement requests

    • Overseeing employee offboarding including supporting the calculation of employee final settlement and End of Service payments.


    Client care:

    • Acting as a point of contact for People Services clients by answering questions and queries on time, including processing incoming e-mail, mail and phone calls.

    • Ensure that all clients receive a clear plan and timeline of service activities, including relevant dependencies such as required documentation and task dependency requirements.

    • Ensure that all clients are kept up to date with the status of their services and requests. And that they are informed quickly and professionally when there are complications with activities. 



    • Developing contractual paperwork including:

      • The drafting Proposals

      • The development of cost models and payment plans

      • The drafting of extension and termination documentation

    • Ensuring that all employee documentation is kept up-to-date and compliant

    • Documentation administration including the printing, signing, scanning and storing of documentation

    • Ensuring that all documentation is kept up to date and stored securely



    • Completing sales order requests and reviewing draft invoices to ensure that they are in line with commercial agreements

    • Reviewing finance client expenditure reports and ensuring all payments related to People Services employees are invoiced for and reimbursed.

    • Supporting the EPS Manager with reviewing:

      • Sales

      • Cost of Sales

      • Expenses and

      • Forecast invoices

    • Chasing aged debt and liasing with clients to ensure the timely collection of sums owed.

    Other duties and responsibilities

    • Supporting EPS Manager and team on any other matters related to People Services.

    • Covering the EPS Manager and other Business Unit colleagues during periods of annual leave and sickness.

  • Essential:

    • Excellent English written and oral skills.

    • Motivated

    • Organised

    • Proven experience In Admininstration.

    • Well-developed Customer Service skills.

    • Ability to work in a process driven environment.

    • Ability to work as part of a team.



    • Good Arabic language written and oral skills

    • Knowledge of Saudi Labour Law

  • Internal: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Strategic Accounts, Head of Consulting, Head of HR and Government Services, Head of People Services, Head of Support Services, Key Account Managers, Senior Government Relations Officer, Government Relationship Officers, HR Coordinator, HR Administrator, Chief Finance Officer, Finance Coordinator, Finance Assistants, EPS Manager,


    External: Representatives from Saudi Arabian Ministries, Representatives from Saudi Arabian Government entities (chamber of commerce etc.), Senior representatives from partner and referral organisations, and Senior representatives from client organisations.

  • To apply for this position, please email your CV to by 14/03/2024

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