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Pilgrims Group USA

Value-for-money criteria met, ‘get out of jail’ services delivered

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Pilgrims Group USA (PG USA) contacted AEI after winning a global support services contract with the US based multinational CSC Corporation. The team needed extensive accommodation, visa, transport, comms and procurement solutions.

In short, we’ve been delighted to supply PG USA with their Saudi needs since 2014. PG USA supports its own clients in many countries, particularly in the Middle East, but the team had no existing footprint in the Kingdom.


From custom renovated accommodations for Western expats deployed at Ath Thybiyah near Hafar Al Batin, to pre travel security and familiarisation briefings given in the US... we’ve provided a large range of services over the years.


This goes far beyond our standard service menu, but it’s a joy to work on projects and with organisations that want to explore more complex services.


In addition, as a North Carolina based Personnel Protective Services (PPS) company, PG USA themselves work with many US companies who have a presence in the Kingdom – often supplying US ex-military contractors. Our Manpower Services and Sponsorship enables PG USA to deploy permanent hires, both foreign and Saudi national, to remote locations in Kingdom. On one occasion, we even mediated a complex visa compliance issue on behalf of PG USA, directly with the Saudi Passports Department.


Typically for US nationals working on Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracts, we’ve provided Pilgrim’s own staff and their clients with extensive visa, transport, comms, accommodation and procurement solutions. 

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  • Meeting stringent US government value for money criteria on every single line item of our supply, as per FMS contract requirements.

  • Extraordinary ‘get out of jail’ intervention on behalf of PG client’s staff, via direct engagement with the Saudi Passports Dept.

  • More than seven years of continuous support services at many locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Renovation projects to provide Western expat standard services and accommodation in remote Saudi locations with no local infrastructure.

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