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From First Contact to First Contract in 98 Days

business contract being signed with Riyadh cityscape in background

From a standing start, it took us just three months and one week to help 'Together Group Arabia' set up their Saudi entity, get up and running at pace AND raise their first invoice.

Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, luxury and lifestyle brands have huge market appeal. As a creative, global conglomerate that brings those propositions to life, Together Group knew this. The team also knew that a locally-based entity would be vital for success in the Kingdom, and they chose AEI Saudi to help them achieve that goal on two fronts: getting people on the ground to help deliver existing projects, and setting up a new entity for future long-term success.

Initially, Together Group asked us for an interim staffing solution – being the employer of note for a new Executive hire. However, in our first meeting, it became clear they would benefit from our broader support. Success in the Kingdom depends entirely on setting up a commercial entity and carefully putting the foundations for long-term growth into place. Unfortunately, Together Group's efforts to incorporate had stalled. For us, it seemed like a perfect match - our corporate services and people services teams have all the skills and knowledge needed to get things moving and thanks to our experience, we were able to respond quickly.

Yazan Shukair (Head of Consulting) and Alan Godfrey (Chief Operating Officer) worked closely with Together Group's global management team. The first task involved setting and passing some key entity establishment milestones. These include legalising parent company documents, submitting a compliant company name and activities to MISA, and the appointment of a General Manager. After MISA granted the establishment and registration, we started work on the less-talked-about steps for operationalising a company in the Kingdom. These milestones include secondary licencing, hiring a Saudi National, opening a bank account, activating payroll, depositing the required capital, and sourcing compliant, registered office space. 


We offer This comprehensive support package to all clients, large and small. We call it our Entity Establishment Service. Once in place, Together Group Arabia also chose our Back Office Start-up Package - guiding them through the complexities of Saudi Labor Law and other statutory and regulatory compliance requirements. Georgia Wilson, Together Group, Group CFO, had this to say about our support:

"From the moment we met Alan and Yazan at AEI, we knew that we were in very capable hands and that we could trust the team to deliver on time in the most knowledgeable and pragmatic way. Their support has been nothing short of amazing".

Given the complexities of the Saudi corporate landscape, Together Group's tight deadlines, and demands from their clients, a lot could have gone wrong. This is where experience truly matters.

The cherry on top for us was Together Group's decision to use our Financial Administration Service. We've designed this to help new businesses invoice their clients quickly. All KSA-based clients must be invoiced in a ZAKAT-compliant way, and a degree of local insight is needed to ensure that happens smoothly.

From a standing start, it took us just 98 days to operationalise Together Group's new Saudi entity and get that all-important billing out to their clients. With AEI Saudi as your partner, you can be confident that the first contact will turn into the first contract as soon as possible.

To learn more about our Entity Establishment Services, or how we can support you with organisational compliance, please contact us at


We believe no other company in the #Kingdom offers the range of support we provide. We're a one-stop shop. It's a journey, and we go the extra mile - so why not contact AEI Saudi today, to find out how we can help you too?

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