The Manpower Services business unit is focused on enabling foreign companies to access skilled, experienced and capable resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The challenges associated with recruiting and employing personnel in the Kingdom, whether expatriates or Saudi Nationals, should not be underestimated.

Making sure that your company has the right people for the job could mean the difference between success and failure.

Our Manpower Services is offered through three principle contracting routes:


In Saudi Arabia, employees must have a sponsor. This is particularly relevant to expatriate employees of course but there are also specific requirements relating to Saudi Nationals. The AEI Sponsorship Service enables foreign companies to have dedicated resources on the ground in the Kingdom.

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A turn-key manpower provider in Saudi can be the easiest solution to overcoming the challenges of project mobilisation and deployment to the Kingdom. AEI is a trusted manpower provider to foreign companies providing hassle-free Western expatriate and Saudi National consultants, contractors and professionals.

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Projects in Saudi often require unique solutions and the AEI team are ready to help deliver a tailored, bespoke solution to your manpower needs in the Kingdom. Our experience and the nature of the other parts of our business mean that we can truly be a trusted and reliable partner for you in Saudi Arabia.

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Defence Client - Manpower & Support Services

A global engineering and project management consultancy utilised our Manpower Services to expedite deployment of a multidisciplinary network communications team all around the Kingdom. We managed all aspects of the deployment logistics including the staff payroll and regulatory compliance.

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Portas Consulting - Support Services & Manpower

June 2015 saw Portas Consulting enter the Kingdom with AEI initially supporting their accommodation and transport. Since then, AEI has provided Portas with Saudi commercial advice and most recently, the ability to employ staff locally as their footprint in Kingdom has continued to grow.

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Aliaxis - Support Services & Manpower

Aliaxis needed to deploy in Saudi but had no time to wait a year creating a new commercial entity. They also wanted to avoid annual financial commitments until they had enough contracts to justify them. So they chose the AEI Manpower Service and Enterprise Incubator and made it happen in a month.

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