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AEI Saudi is now certified to ISO9001

Saudi business man shown applauding at a corporate event

We're proud to say we've been awarded ISO9001 certification. It's a testament to our team's work here in the Kingdom, delivering the highest standards in services for our clients.

As an internationally-recognised standard, the award of ISO9001 confirms that we have all the processes in place to meet our clients' needs through an effective quality management system (QMS).

For more than 12 years, those processes have helped us to deliver on our promises. We're totally focused on helping clients make sense of the ever-changing, often opaque business landscape in Saudi Arabia. We embed quality in everything we do.

To become ISO9001 certified, we underwent a rigorous evaluation process. This included an assessment of our QMS, how we gather and use feedback from clients, stakeholders and employees, and how we identify and navigate external risks. 

ISO9001 certification proves we have the experience to support clients effectively, and goes a long way to validating why we're known as the experts in Saudi success. Clients can be confident that choosing AEI Saudi is the BEST choice they can make - enabling them to enter, establish and expand in the Kingdom with confidence. In fact, more than 2,000 organisations have already decided AEI Saudi is their partner of choice.

To find out what else sets us apart from other corporate services providers, do contact us for a conversation around the importance of standards like this one, and their relevance to Saudi success.


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